MOM-n-PA is a large-scale portable dental clinic that provides free dental treatment to children, adults and the elderly. Treatment is provided first-come, first-served to individuals who are without the means to afford dental care. This clinic boasts over 100 chairs and is a life changing experience for both patients and volunteers. Your contributions to MOM-n-PA directly help those who are underserved, changing lives one patient at a time.


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We have 3 easy and convenient ways to donate!

1) Click on the Donate  tab above 

2) Email to the following  address  for donations-in-kind            

 3) You can also mail your donation to:

         420 E Orange St. 
   Shippensburg, PA   17257


MOM-n-PA is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization under 501 (c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the MOM-n-PA are eligible for a tax-deduction to the full extent allowed by law.



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